Training activities in surgery

  • Organizer and scientific chair of a surgical seminar within the scope of the ÖOG 2001 in Millstatt: Kataraktchirurgie bei Risikoaugen [cataract surgery for eyes at risk].
  • Organizer and scientific chair of a surgical symposium on November 23rd, 2001 in Vienna: Kataraktchirurgie in komplizierten Fällen [cataract surgery in complex cases].
  • Live surgery of a complex surgical technique for cataract with uveitis, as well as moderation of the entire event within the scope of the ESCRS main congress in Vienna, Austria-Center 1999.
  • Teaching of several surgical courses within the scope of the ESCRS.
  • Faculty member of the International Institute for Experimental Surgery, chairing several “high communication wetlabs” (surgical courses; Seefeld, Lisbon, Vienna). Presentation of the system, and demonstration surgery, within the scope of an ORF TV broadcast.
  • Co-organizer, presenter, and wetlab instructor for the small incision implantation course, Vienna 1990.
  • Continuous surgery training activity of university residents since 1992.
  • Phacoemulsification training for dog eyes for the Veterinary School, Vienna.

Board certification training and training of postgraduates

  • As a board member of the Austrian ophthalmologic society (Österreichische Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft ÖOG), organization and discussion chairmanship at the annual meetings (1989-1996).
  • As president of the Viennese ophthalmologic society (Wiener Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft WOG, 1998-1999), organization of scientific sessions and continuing education events.
  • Member of the ÖOG examination board for the obligatory board certification examination since 2001
  • Generation of new examination questions for the obligatory board certification examination
  • Chairman of scientific sessions of the annual meetings of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS) since 1992.
  • Various presentations, courses and discussion chairmanships (see list of publications).
  • Organization of a continuing education course in Brussels (2000): Biocompatibility of different intraocular implants.
  • Invited presentation in the resident program of the ESCRS main congress in Amsterdam (2001): Biocompatibility and choice of intraocular implants.
  • Director of postgraduate courses in ophthalmology of the Austrian Medical Society (AMS) for foreign board certified physicians since 1995.
  • Hospital commissioner for hospital-internal continuing education, organizing a regular schedule of continuing education events 1994-1996.
  • Board member of the examination commission of the ÖOG for the preparation, organization and implementation of the board certification examination in ophthalmology. Preparation of examination questions and implementation of the Austrian board certification examination in ophthalmology and optometry.
  • Official examiner in ophthalmology at the EU board certification examination of the European Board of Ophthalmology in Milan and Paris (1995-1997).
  • Peer review of scientific studies for the “Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery”, and the journal “Spektrum der Augenheilkunde”.
  • Book reviews for the Spektrum der Augenheilkunde.
  • As the director of special outpatient departments, guidance of the outpatient department associates towards independent scientific work, as well as mentoring of studies.
  • As a senior attending physician in an in-patient department, organization of continuing education, and guidance for scientific work within the team
  • Assistant lecturer 1988-1989
  • Training of university residents at the university hospital since 1992
  • Mentoring of research associates and visiting physicians


  • Dr. Andreas Kruger
  • Dr. Claudette Abela-Formanek
  • Dr. Jörg Schauersberger
  • Dr. Andrea Müllner-Eidenböck

Student training

  • Chair for Ophthalmology at SFU Private-University Vienna since 2016
  • Regular lecturer at the main lecture series in ophthalmology since 1996.
  • Examiner at the rigorosum [oral state examination] in ophthalmology since 1996.
  • Mentoring of doctoral students of the Medical and Veterinary Schools in Vienna (see list of publications).
  • Mentoring of research associates.
  • Course: Pathophysiology of artificial lens implantation
  • Regular teaching of the students’ ophthalmology practical course and the associated lecture since 1987.
  • Assistant lecturer 1987-1988.

Nurses’ education

  • Several years of teaching at the Allgemeine Krankenpflegeschule am AKH; Wien [general nursing school at the general hospital, Vienna] and the Kinderkrankenpflegeschule am AKH; Wien [pediatric nursing school at the general hospital, Vienna]
  • Continuing education events for OR nurses in Austria within the scope of the annual meetings of the ÖOG.