Leadership and organisational Activities

Head of eye-department of academic teaching hospital of St. John since 2008
Chair for Ophthalmology at Sigmund Freud Medical University Vienna since 2016
President of Austrian Ophthalmologicl Society (ÖOG): 2020-2022

As senior attending physician leading the wards, independent leadership of a team consisting of 6-8 physicians, with emphasis on surgical activity. Coordination of patient care with control center, OR personnel, patient transport, and patient care/nursing. Training of residents. Organization of continuing education, and guidance for scientific work within the team. Monitoring of all administrative issues (medical history, medical discharge report, medical coding, etc.). Decision maker in the acquisition of surgical instruments and equipment since 1994
As director of special outpatient clinics of the ophthalmologic hospital, guidance and mentoring of outpatient associates in scientific projects. Planning of studies, discussion of publications, and organization of travel to conventions. Founder of a scientific team with emphasis on the biocompatibility of intraocular implants, since 1994.

As senior attending physician of the university hospital for ophthalmology and optometry, organization of the “exterior outpatient clinic” (emergency outpatient clinic), and the “internal outpatient clinic” with complex tasks in leadership of associates, patient care, as well as coordination with nursing staff and control center staff. 1993-1994

Hospital commissioner for hospital-internal continuing education, organizing a regular schedule of continuing education events 1994-1996.

As secretary and board member of the Austrian Society for Ophthalmology (Österreichische Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft ÖOG), annual organization of the annual meeting, with focus on the scientific events, and the exhibits from industry. Discusson chairing at every meeting of the ÖOG. Compilation of the annual meeting reports, board reports, and plenary meeting reports. Oral reports in the plenary meetings, and the board meetings.Organization of the translocation and adaptation of the ÖOG secretary’s office to computer applications. Personnel leadership within the ÖOG, and professional representation of the ÖOG in front of the various corporate bodies. Board member of the examination commission of the ÖOG for the preparation, organization and implementation of the board certification examination in ophthalmology. Organization, preparation of examination questions, and implementation of the Austrian board certification examination in ophthalmology and optometry. Representative and negotiator of the ÖOG at the various medical EU agencies (European Board of Ophthalmology EBO and UEMS). Official examiner in ophthalmology at the EU board certification examination of the European Board of Ophthalmology in Milan and Paris (1994-1996). Vice chairman for ophthalmology of surgical subjects at the Austrian medical association 1992-1993, with professional representation of ophthalmologists in front of the medical association, and the insurance carriers.

As president of the Viennese ophthalmologic society (Wiener Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft WOG), organization of scientific meetings with internationally renowned presenters. Direction of a thematic focus on medical legal issues, liability questions, and obligation to patient information.

As a member of the examination commission of the Austrian medical association, organization and implementation of the board certification examination in ophthalmology and optometry since 2001.

Director of postgraduate courses in ophthalmology of the Austrian Medical Society (AMS). Organization of courses on a regular basis, assistancies in surgeries, bed-side teaching. Creation of rotational education in the various departments of the hospital, and implementation of examinations of all foreign ophthalmologists since 1995

Organizer and scientific chair of a surgical seminar within the scope of the 41st ÖOG meeting in Millstatt: Kataraktchirurgie bei Risikoaugen [cataract surgery for eyes at risk]. 2001

Organizer and scientific chair of a surgical symposium in Vienna: Kataraktchirurgie in komplizierten Fällen [cataract surgery in complex cases]. 2001

Organizer, live surgery and moderator of a one-day live surgery with videoconference within the scope of the ESCRS main congress at the Austria Center in Vienna. 1999

Organization of a continuing education course in Brussels: Biocompatibility of different intraocular implants. 2000

Director of surgical courses within the scope of the ESCRS conventions.

Direction of high communication wetlabs (surgical courses; Seefeld, Lisbon, Vienna). Presentation of the system, and demonstration surgery, within the scope of an ORF TV broadcast.

Editorial activities as a peer reviewer of scientific studies for the “Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery”, and the journal “Spektrum der Augenheilkunde”. Consultation for, as well as author of various popular-science publications. Book reviews for the Spektrum
der Augenheilkunde.

Founding member of the “Pediatric cataract study group” of the hospital, including directorship of the surgical branch of the group

Grants, and third-party funding attracted

Hochschuljubiläumsstiftung der Stadt Wien [university anniversary endowment of the city of Vienna], October 1998 Project funding: Bacterial adhesion of staphylococcus epidermidis to different intraocular lenses Revenue from fees for surgical courses Commissioned studies in cooperation with leading companies Grand total of third-party funding attracted: EUR 290,000 approx.